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Visit the island and church of San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore

From St. Mark's Square you can see San Giorgio Maggiore, a small island of Venice with the church and bell tower (Campanile) of San Giorgio Maggiore.

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You can visit the island of San Giorgio Maggiore yourself with ACTV's public transport. We recommend that you first download the AVM Venezia official app on your phone from the PlayStore. This is the official app of ACTV and you can find the exact timetables of the waterbuses ('vaporetto') and the best route from your hotel. The frequent Line 2 that also passes by St. Mark's Square is the Vaporetto line that will dock at this island. To visit San Giorgio Maggiore you need two one-way tickets or an ACTV day ticket (22 euros) which you can buy online. You cannot buy return tickets on the island itself.

Tip: If you only climb the bell tower, your 75-minute ticket for the Vaporetto may still be valid for the return. In that case you won't need a new ticket.

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Visit the island of San Giorgio Maggiore

The small island of San Giorgio Maggiore is located south of the districts of San Marco and Castello and east of the island of Giudecca, which is also part of Venice. It is surrounded by the Bacino San Marco, the Canale di San Giorgio Maggiore and the large lagoon. The island is best known for the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore (the church) and the associated Campanile di San Giorgio (the bell tower). This tower can be visited to enjoy the view from the islet and many visitors told that you will have better views from here than from the Campanile de San Marco. An additional advantage is that it is more quieter than on the busy St. Mark's Square with it's popular sights.

San Giorgio MaggioreVisit the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice
basiliek San Giorgio Maggiore in VeniceThe Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

The main sights

The San Giorgio Maggiore church is located on the northern tip of the island. The first church built on this site dates from the 8th century. Long ago there were vineyards and even a mill on the island. Later a monastery was added. When an important saint was buried on the island, this prompted the doge and his wife to visit the island every year and honor the saint. This created an important event for the republic of Venice, with thousands of candles floating in the Bacino di San Marco. Unfortunately, when the republic ceased to exist, this event also disappeared. The church has been damaged several times, including a fire and an earthquake, but the church has always been rebuilt including the bell tower (Campanile).

  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm On Sundays 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • Entrance to church and campanile: 6 euros

What else to see at San Giorgio Maggiore?

Other points of interest on the small island include the open-air theater Teatro Verde, the auditorium Los Squero and the marina. Those who like to watch sailing boats can contact the Compagnia della Vela to see if the sailing club is taking lessons with a group. The lighthouse is also a favorite spot for many tourists. It is not a large lighthouse, but nevertheless a striking presence at the beginning of the San Giorgio Maggiore marina.

Giorgio Cini Foundation

The Giorgio Cini Foundation is located in the adjacent monastery. It now houses a historical library and is also a venue for exhibitions, concerts and meetings. It is possible to visit part of this monastery with a guided tour along the Borgus Labyrinth or along the ten Vatican chapels.

Where is the island in Venice?

San Giorgio Maggiore
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