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Mercati di Rialto, Market in Venice

The fish market near the Rialto Bridge in Venice

Rialto market

Info and hours for visiting the Mercati di Rialto market, the covered food and fish market near the Rialto Bridge of Venice Italy.

Info & Hours Rialto Market Venice

Location Campiello de la Pescaria, 30122 Venezia (the fish market is 1 minute walk from the Rialto Bridge)
  • Fish market: Opening times from Tuesday to Saturday 7:30 am - 12:00 pm
  • Vegetable and fruit market: Monday to Saturday 7:30 am - late afternoon

Rialto market at the Grand Canal

If during your stay in Venice you would like to get fresh fruit, or want to cook for yourself, then visit the Mercati di Rialto. This covered market in the San Polo district is located near the Ponte di Rialto ("Rialto Bridge") and you can immediately grab two sights at once. Special are the covered halls of the 'Mercato al Pesce al Minute' where the fresh fish is sold. At the rest of the uncovered Rialto Market Venice you can buy fresh and dried fruits, choose from fresh meat ands pick up vegetables and spices. The scents and colors of all fresh products promise a lot for your healthy snack, lunch or dinner.

rialto market VeniceIn the morning to the food market of Venice
Mercati di RialtoThe fish market of the Mercati di Rialto

Things to do near the Mercati di Rialto

The Venice Rialto Market is the place for locals to do their groceries. You don't necessarily have to buy something there, although the stalls will find that the most pleasant. You can also just enjoy all the fresh food and take a few pictures. While you are at the fresh market, you can also enjoy all the sights that are nearby. In addition to the Rialto bridge, there are also plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes to discover. And don't forget to taste something at the typical trattorias that you'll find a lot in Venice.

When to visit the Rialto market?

Would you prefer to visit the Mercati di Rialto at a quiet time? Then choose early in the morning. Later in the morning the Rialto market becomes more and more touristy and the locals often stay away. Early in the morning you can still observe a piece of authentic Venice.

Where is the Rialto market in Venice?

Venice market
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