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Bookstore 'Libreria Acqua Alta'

A unique bookshop in Venice Italy

Libreria Acqua Alta

The bookstore of Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice is unique because of the way books are offered. A special bookshop and attraction:

Info Libreria Acqua Alta

Location Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa, 5176b, 30122 Venezia
Entry Free
Hours The bookstore is open daily from 9:00 am to 7:45 pm

Book lover? Visit Libreria Acqua Alta

This special bookstore is located on an island in Venice in the Castello district. The closest canals are Rio di San Giovanni Laterano and Rio della Tetta. The bookshop is unique in the way books are presented - there is, among other things, a boat filled with books in the middle of a room - and you will also be surprised by the cats that have the Libreria Acqua Alta as their home. They will look at you from a stack of books, pay you at the cash register or lie stretched out on some posters to wash themselves. By the way, Acqua Alta means high water in Italian.

Libreria Acqua Alta Venice bookstoreBookstore 'High Water' in Venice
Libreria Acqua AltaLibreria Acqua Alta, a very special Venice bookshop

At Libreria Acqua Alta antique books, second-hand books, pictures, prints and souvenirs are part of the collection. Although it is only a small bookshop, you will be amazed by the way all the wares are displayed. And although it may no longer be necessary with the new storm barrier, you see that part of the owner's working method is not without valid reason. Venice is flooded every winter, so putting the books in a boat or bathtub isn't such a bad idea at all.

If you want to visit this unique bookshop, avoid the weekends as it can get quite busy on weekends (particularly during the summer months).

Where is the bookshop in Venice?

Venice bookstore
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