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Experience a romantic gondola ride in Venice

Gondela ride Venice

Ride a Venetian gondola through the canals of Venice? The best tips for experiencing a private or romantic gondola ride in Venice Italy:

Ride a Venetian gondola in Venice

In addition to all the modes of water transport in Venice that will bring you from one side of the canal to the other, you can also take your time to explore (parts of) the city by authentic gondolas. You can make the gondola ride as long as you like and you can also share the gondola with others of make special experiences.

How to book a gondola ride?

  • Private gondola ride: You won't have trouble finding a private gondola ride in Venice. The gondoliers will approach you at numerous bridges and canals and ask if you are interested in a 'romantic gondola ride'. The target price for just under half an hour is usually 80 euros. A serenade is never standard included in the price. In low season you may be able to negotiate the price of the private gondola ride.
  • Shared gondola tour: A gondola is suitable for 6 people. If you find a private gondola ride too expensive, it is also possible to take a shared gondola ride from 28 euros per person. It is useful to make a reservation for this, because this is only offered a few moments a day during non-peak hours. Below is an overview of four providers of shared tours, which you can choose based on the starting time: 11:00 am, 3:30 pm, 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm):

Where it starts for each gondola

The history of each gondola in Venice starts at Squero di San Trovaso on the south side of the Dorsoduro district, close to Rio del Ognissanti, Rio de San Trovaso and the Grande Canal. This has been the place where gondolas have been built and maintained since the 17th century. Here you can clearly see where the gondolas are launched or taken out of the water for periodic maintenance. Sometimes you won't find any gondolas outside, other times it's full. The appearance of the building of the old, traditional workshop shows how much experience they have for centuries with the favorite mode of transport.

Gondola ride VeniceDiscover Venice by gondola
Venice gondolasSquero di San Trovaso, the gondola workshop

Gondola ride and special combinations

In addition to the regular gondola ride – shared or private – you can also book other experiences. How about a gondola ride in combination with a visit to the Ponte dei Sospiri (the Bridge of Sighs) or the Palazzo Ducale (the Doge's Palace)? You can even arrange that you don't have to queue, but can go straight into the palace. A overview of all gondola experiences. If you have a bigger budget, the romance can prevail, because then you even can combine your gondola ride with a fantastic gala dinner in a beautiful Venetian palace. Of course you can also make the gondola ride extra romantic by surprising your sweetheart with classical music or a serenade. Almost all gondola rides can be combined with a walk, visit to a restaurant or access to one of the many places to visit in Venice.

Venice gondola rides
Gondola ride

Tips for a unique gondola ride

- Get off the gondola early, or book a private tour, preferably from a quiet starting point. Preferably, do not go during rush hour or start from crowded attractions. It doesn't automatically mean you won't enjoy your gondola ride, but it could have an impact.

- If it's your first time in Venice, a gondola ride is great, but you're probably not quite sure what the best places are for a trip on the water. Sometimes it is more convenient first to explore the city in other ways and then visit your favorite part by gondola on your last day. This way you avoid disappointment and you will make the experience meet your expectations.

- Always take a jacket with you when you go in the evening with the gondola (or if you suspect that your partner is going to surprise you with a gondola ride). Although it can get quite warm in Venice during summer, it will cool down in the evenings. Due to the wind from the Adriatic Sea, it is a lot cooler on the canals than you might expect.

- Recommended is this Venice Pass. With this pass you have your most important tickets such as the Doge's Palace. The advantage of this card is that the card includes a gondola ride.

Venice gondola tour
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