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11x Best, beautiful and famous churches in Venice Italy

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Venice is a city with famous and beautiful churches such as St. Mark's Basilica. An overview of the best churches in Venice Italy:

11x Best and most beautiful Venetian churches

There are many churches that Venice is famous for, such as the Basilica di San Marco in the San Marco district, the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in the district of San Polo and the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of San Giorgio di Maggiore. But besides these tree famous churches - which are definitely worth visiting during your stay in Venice - there are plenty of other beautiful Venice churches. There are a total of 118 churches in Venice Italy, so make sure to pop into a random church to discover some hidden gems. A few of the kost famous and best Venice churches that deserve special attention:

1. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (Dorsoduro)

This church Santa Maria della Salute is located at the end of the district Dorsoduro – all the way to the east – and gives a wide view over the lagune if you take the elevator to the roof of the church. The octagonal building towers majestically over the water that flows around the church on three sides. The church in Venice dates from the 17th century and the baroque interior attracts a lot of attention from the visitors. But don't forget to take a good look at the outside too, because the decorations here are also special. For the many statues and angels you should actually bring binoculars to have a better look at the details.

venice churchInside the Santa Maria della Salute
Santa Maria della SaluteThe Santa Maria della Salute next to the water

2. Santi Giovanni e Paolo (San Zanipolo)

Special about the Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo is that 25 doges are buried here. A doge was a leader of the area, at the time when Venice was still a republic. The Gothic building houses several works of art and is known for the ceiling by Veronese. This church is also called San Zanipolo by the locals. In the square in front of the church – called Camp Santi Giovanni e Paolo – is a large bronze statue of a horse and rider. The square also houses a few restaurants that are appreciated by many visitors. Look out over the square and see the church in all its glory. Next to the church you will also find the marble facade of the 'Scuola Grande di San Marco'. This former brotherhood has a beautiful room with paintings on the walls and exhibitions of old books.

San Zanipolo Venice churchThe Basilica dei santi Giovanni e Paolo (San Zanipolo)
San ZanipoloInterior of San Zanipolo, a church in Venice

3. Chiesa di San Zaccaria in the Castello district

This Gothic-Renaissance style church includes a famous altarpiece by Bellini. It is a smaller church, but that does not alter the fact that it has a beautiful interior that you should definitely visit. The crypt at the bottom of the church is also not to be missed, because it has been flooded. On the square in front of the Venice church you will find trees, but unfortunately no benches to rest in the summer months. There are a few terraces and the area remains beautiful to explore.

church in Venice ItalyFamous church in Venice: Chiesa di San Zacaria
San Zaccaria VeniceThe flooded crypt of San Zaccaria

4. San Pantalon (Dorsoduro)

What you don't want to miss about the Catholic church Chiesa di San Pantaleone is the beautifully painted ceiling. Looking at the outside you probably won't decide to enter, but that's a mistake. The interior, the exhibited paintings and the ceiling are insanely beautiful. The church is also referred to as San Pantalon by the locals and the artists whose works you will find here are: Molinari, Cheron, Veronese, Vivarini, Longhi and Fumiani.

church DorsoduroThe Chiesa di San Pantaleone Martire, or 'San Pantalon'
San Pantalon VeniceThe beautiful ceiling of the San Pantalon

5. Santa Maria Assunta detta I Gesuiti (Cannaregio)

This 18th-century baroque church in Cannaregio is particularly notable for the imposing doors at the entrance and the busy walls on the inside. Not because of the paintings, but because of the material used on the walls. Of course there are also statues and paintings, but don't expect an extensive tour or a lot of information. You should collect these yourself if you want to know more about this church. However, sometimes you don't need to know much about a church or its history to enjoy it.

CannaregioThe beautiful ceiling of the church in Cannaregio
Santa Maria Assunta detta i GesuitiThe Venice church Santa Maria Assunta detta i Gesuiti

6. Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Cannaregio)

The church in the Cannaregio district is best known for its coffered ceilings. The Venetian-style church also has several painted panels that you can admire. The use of marble also makes this church a special place. This is one of the few Venice churches built completely in the same style. At other churches, a new style was often applied with each successive designer. Even during the last renovation in 1997, everything has been preserved or restored to its original state. Nearby is the square Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo with another basilica.

Santa Maria dei MiracoliFacade of the Santa Maria dei Miracoli
Cannaregio in VeniceInterior of the Santa Maria dei Miracoli

7. Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto (Cannaregio)

This church dates back to the 14th century. You should go here if you want to see the works of Tintoretto, but there is more to explore. This is where the remains of this Italian painter, who actually had the name Jacopo Robusti, are also buried. In front of the church, the light-colored details against the orange-red brick will get your attention. The statues at the top of the roof stand out strongly and look out over the square in front of the church.

venice churchThe Madonna dell'Orto in the Cannaregio district
Madonna dell'Orto in Venice ItalyThe Madonna dell'Orto of Venice Italy

8. San Lazzaro degli Armeni

On the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni is an Armenian Christian monastery of the Mechitarists. On the inside, the church is very different from other churches, because of the exuberant use of color on the ceilings and the arches between the pillars. Blue, purple, red and gold abound. You will really be amazed. The stained glass windows are also beautiful. Furthermore, the monastery is completely surrounded by gardens and next to the church is also a small museum. From the garden you have a direct view at the Island of Lido and the apartments that have been built here along the coast.

San Lazzaro degli ArmeniSan Lazzaro degli Armeni located on its own island
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