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Cannaregio district in Venice

The Venetian Quarter with the Jewish Ghetto


Cannaregio is one of the six Venetian districts and the quiet neighborhood is best known for the Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

Visit Cannaregio, a quiet neighborhood in Venice

If you cross the bridge from the mainland by car or train to Venice, the Cannaregio district is on your left. The train station Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia is also located at the begining of Cannaregio. It is one of the six Venetian districs and is best known for its Jewish quarter, also known as the Jewish Ghetto. Here you will find the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo with its old synagogues, art galleries and the Jewish historical museum. You can also enjoy the many shops, restaurants and coffee bars here. In this part of Venice it's usually much quieter than in the other parts of Vthe city. Wandering the streets of Cannaregio can be a welcome change during your stay.

Jewish Ghetto VeniceThe Campo del Ghetto, famous square in Cannaregio
CannaregioThe Ponte dei Tre Archi, a famous bridge in Cannaregio

Things to do in the Cannaregio district

The best way to experience the Cannaregio district is mainly to wander through the neighbourhood. Experience the tranquility of the non-touristy district, be surprised what comes after every next bend or alley and explore the side streets. A number of things to do and sights that you can visit during your tour are:

Jewish Ghetto Venice

In the Jewish history of Venice, don't miss the Jewish Museum. The Museo Ebraico di Venezia is a fairly small museum with an interesting collection and you will learn all about the history of the Jews in this part of Italy. The nearby canals – if you want to go there by gondola – are Rio della Misericordia and Rio del Ghetto. For example, take advantage of a guided tour and eat kosher at the cafe in the same location to end your visit to this neighborhood.

The Museo Ebraico di Venezia will tell you all about how this Jewish quarter has developed and how the Jewish community in Venice lived. It is a small, but beautiful museum with an interesting collection on display. Visit the synagogues, get some goodies from the Jewish bakery and visit the shops with Jewish items. You can join a guided tour of the museum, or start the afternoon with a kosher lunch in the museum café. The museum is located on the Rio del Ghetto in the Cannaregio district.

  • Opening hours: Sunday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm (Thursdays until 6:30 pm) and closed on Saturdays
  • Tickets (museum + 2 synagogues): Tickets 12 € / Under 18s and students up to 26 years 10 €
  • Official website
Ghetto VeniceThe entrance to the Jewish Ghetto in Venice
Venice Jewish QuarterIn the Venice Jewish Quarter you will find the Museo Ebraico

Ca’ d’Oro

A museum next to the Grand Canal is Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca' d'Oro. Conveniently, a waterboat stops right in front of the door. This Ca' d'Oro museum has works from the Renaissance by artists such as Titian and Van Dyck. Housed in a 15th-century palace, the museum is loved, as it showcases a combination of old and newer work. From the balconies you can enjoy the view over the Canal Grande and in addition to the graceful architecture and the various (mosaic) floors immediately catch the eye (Info and tickets ca d'Oro).

Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto

Want to see the place where the remains of the painter Tintoretto are buried? Then visit the Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto. This church is well maintained and the monastery next door is a favorite of many Venicelovers. The stained glass windows, the dark paintings with a few bright colors and the architecture of both the inside and outside of this church are a special appearance in Cannaregio.

Ca' d'Oro VeniceCa' d'Oro in Venice
Madonna dell'Orto in VeniceMadonna dell'Orto in Venice

Tip: Special Cannaregio tour after sunset

Want to experience something different then all the standard tours offered in Venice? How about a mystery tour in the Cannaregio district where your guide tells you all the ins and outs about the legends of this district? The small streets and secret locations are provided with all kinds of ghost stories by the experienced guide. You will visit to places where you probably would never have come by yourself, as the district is sometimes a maze where you really need to know the way to get out again. The guide will enthusiastically take you back in time and tell you about the mysterious past of this part of Venice. Maybe, you might even see a ghostly apparition during this exciting evening, just like the residents of the neighborhood sometimes do...

More info mystery tour

CannaregioThe mysterious side of Cannaregio?
Cannaregio veniceThe church of Santa Maria Assunta detta i Gesuiti

Santa Maria Assunta Detta I Gesuiti

This baroque church from the 18th century has many decorations in the form of statues on the front. However, the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta Detta I Gesuiti is also richly decorated on the inside. The ceiling and floors are magnificent and especially the marble is very recognizable. You won't find much information here, but there's plenty to see that makes the lack of it fade into the background. Take your time to see all the colors – especially gold and blue-green – and the existing paintings. Enjoy some peace and quiet here too, because you usually won't find crowds here. Tip: next to the church is a monastery garden where you can relax at the cafe.

Santa Maria dei MiracoliFacade of the Santa Maria dei Miracoli
Cannaregio district VeniceInterior of the Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Another church is the Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli. This church is located at the Rio dei Miracoli. Especially the fifty coffers in the ceiling with the paintings in the middle will attract your attention. Special about this 15th-century church is the fact that it has not been designed by different designers. The church has thus remained one style, while this is not the case with any other churches in Venice.

Where is the Cannaregio district in Venice?

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