Venice / Venice airport transfers

Venice Airport Transfers

How to get from the airport in the center of Venice?

Venice Airport Transfers

How do you get from the airport in the center of Venice? Transport and transfers between Venice Marco Polo airport and your hotel in Venice or read about airport transfers Treviso.

From the airport to hotel in Venice

Two Venice airports: Marco Polo & Treviso

If you are flying into Venice Italy, there are two different airports that can be used. However, for your travel time it makes a lot of difference which of the two you fly to. Treviso Airport is located about 40 kilometers from Venice and is mainly used by budget airlines such as Ryanair. The main airport Venice Marco Polo Airport is just over 10 kilometers from Venice and is used by the better airlines.

1. Transfers from Venice Marco Polo Airport

From Venice 'Marco Polo' airport you have four options to reach your hotel in the center of Venice. Please note that the entire city is car-free and you can only get near the Santa Lucia train station at Piazzale Roma by bus or car. From there you are dependent on transport by water buses or water taxis.

  1. Shared Water Taxi: This Venice airport transfer is the most fun option. From Venice Marco Polo Airport you can take a shared water taxi to your hotel. A water taxi takes an hour to get you to Venice, depending on whether your hotel is at the start or end of the route. Along the way you can enjoy the views of Venice from the water. A single ticket costs 35 euros and you can easily book on this website.
  2. Airport Express Bus: If you want the cheapest option, travel with the ATVO bus or the ACTV bus. In about half an hour you will have crossed the bridge and you will arrive in Venice at Piazzale Roma (right next to the Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia train station, this is the terminus for all motor vehicles). Tickets cost 10 euros and you can easily book tickets online via this website. After your arrival, all you have to do is walk to your accommodation from Piazzale Roma or buy a one-way ticket for a Vaporetto water bus to your hotel (check your route via the ACTV website).
  3. Alilaguna Waterbuses: The company Alilaguna has three different lines (blue, orange and red) of the waterbus that gets from the airport to several stops in the center of Venice. Depending on your final stop, this will take between half an hour to an hour. The price for a single journey is 15 euros and you can already book your ticket in advance. Check the departure times carefully, as some routes run less frequently (more info routes and booking of tickets).
  4. Private Water Taxi: Transport by water is also possible via a more expensive private water taxi. This is the most comfortable way to travel from Venice Marco Polo Airport to your hotel. Financially this is only attractive for a group (info and reservations).

2. Transfers from Treviso Airport

  1. ATVO Bus Transfer: The Treviso Airport Bus Express (line 351) is the easiest option and will take you to Piazzale Roma, near the Venezia Santa Lucia train station. Tickets (from 12 euros) can be arranged at the airport or in advance via this website).
  2. Public Transport: From Treviso Airport, first take the Treviso-Airlink bus to the Treviso Train Station (see timetable). The buses leave every half hour and this journey takes 15 minutes. A ticket costs € 3.50. From the train station you can take the train to Venezia Santa Lucia Station. This journey takes 40 minutes and the train ticket costs € 3.60 (tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines at the station or online at
Venice airport transfer
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